fql and oauth, in webid land

is it within scope of the charter to contemplate
webid in self-signed cert points to facebook API URI for member, server pulls non-FOAF/RDF graph from API, server performs FQL (rather than SPARQL) on the graph perhaps using its OAUTH credentials to remote the comparison of keys to a facebook query server, servers uses facebook authorization API to limit access to modules on its website?
In terms of legitimizing the STRUCTURE, NATURE and VALUE of the webid protocol, it would seem to be: yes!
The number of parties who could bang that out in a day should be ... a few thousand.
once the point is made, then the standard works really begins, so allow the same flow to use non-proprietary versions of the same elements. Should facebook add "further"-value to its proprietary "value-add", one gets the usual competition between benefits of open standards vs proprietary standards - which seems to be a positive thing (since everyone wins...) 		 	   		  

Received on Monday, 24 January 2011 21:15:12 UTC