Re: [foaf-protocols] Sanity check

I think the server certificate is always sent in the clear though...

Here is a nice article on the first few milliseconds of an HTTPS connection

but it does not cover the client certificate side.


On 22 Jan 2011, at 17:46, Yngve N. Pettersen wrote:

> On Fri, 21 Jan 2011 19:09:09 +0100, Nathan <> wrote:
>> Just a quick sanity check, TLS connections are encrypted (with a random  
>> key) or suchlike, before any certificates are passed, yes? (as in, all  
>> data, including certificates, are encrypted over the wire, using keys  
>> not found in the certificates).
> That depends on the server configuration, there is no such restriction in  
> the TLS protocol.
> A TLS client certificate can be sent in the initial handshake, or in a  
> later renegotiation of the connection. In the latter case it is often  
> triggered by the requested URL being in a specific group of URLs that  
> require authentication.
> Please note that if the server requests authentication during  
> renegotiation then the server SHOULD be patched against the TLS Renego  
> vulnerability (patched by RFC 5746), and it should require clients to be  
> patched against that problem, too.
> For reference, the client certificate keys are only used to sign a hash of  
> the handshake messages, the result becomes part of the final handshake  
> hash. They are not used as part of the keyexhange.
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