Re: Thank you all for making SSN12 a great success!

Thanks a lot to you, Cory, for your good work as well.

I was very happy with the lively discussions that we had during the day, so
thanks also to the participants (many of which are surely registered to the
mailing lists). For those who came and those who were not able to come, I
tried to make a brief summary during the workshop, which surely misses
several of the discussions held, but that tries to go through the main
topics that were discussed. It is available at



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Asunto:  Thank you all for making SSN12 a great success!

Fellow SSNers,

The SSN2012 workshop @ISWC2012, held in Boston on Monday, was a great
success. On behalf of the organizers, I would like to thank all who
participated. From all the excellent talks, it is clear that there is much
excitement in this area of research, both in the progress that we have
already made and for the challenges ahead. It was fantastic to see everyone
again, and meet some for the first time; I am already looking forward to
another successful workshop next year.

In particular, I would like to thank Prof. David de Roure for presenting a
very stimulating and thought-provoking keynote address.

Most of the talks were recorded, and should be online soon.


Cory Andrew Henson
Kno.e.sis Center, Wright State University

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