SSN-XG Ontology paper

Hi SSN-XGers,

As one of our completion activities we agreed to write an article  
about the group's ontology.

  is an article I've written with the intention of submitting it to  
the Journal of Web Semantics as an ontology article (cfp here 

Please consider the attached as a first draft.  There are many names  
on it, so feel free to edit or suggest edits (if lots of people want  
to edit, I'll set up a place for versioning etc - if I attach  
the .tex  in an email like this, I'll get ten different versions back  
to merge).

Some notes :

- I've left a gap in section 6.1.  I don't know all the projects that  
people in the group may have used the ontology in.  Please add  
something or edit what I have!  Doesn't have to be every mention of  
the ontology ever, but if I've missed your project or institution and  
there is something to say, then you should get the recognition.

- If you are missed / spelt incorrectly / association wrong, sorry,  
let me know and I'll fix.

- Thanks to Raśl for the figure templates, I may have hacked them  
horribly, sorry.

All comments, suggestions and edits welcome.

I'd like to get this submitted as soon, say by end of June, if people  
have enough time to review and send comments by then.  If not we can  
continue to work on it till all are happy with it.


Received on Tuesday, 14 June 2011 04:32:41 UTC