No meeting this week

Hi everyone, 

Again, we won't have a SSN XG meeting this week because of ISWC and because I'm travelling and I will present on Thursday the XG work at our internal ICT Centre conference. 

And I owe a quick answer to Alexandre. Yep, I tested the SSN ontology with Vapour but I have not reported the results because I don't think it was possible to tweak the .htaccess file for a wiki-attached page (see email below) to get the aimed results. 

My plan was to move the ontology elsewhere once it is frozen, put the automatically generated doc at the same place (, change the PURL to a 303 and add the right .htaccess next to it with the dual configuration option.

Once this is done, the browser queries should be redirected to the relevant place in the generated documentation e.g. 

But ... I now have to check if it's a better idea to apply the "Guide to Publishing Linked Data Without Redirects" recently posted by Ian Davis. 
I have yet to read it - comments from ISWC-ers are welcomed!



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Subject: Permanent URL for your example

Hi Michael,

After revisiting the Best Practice Recipes for Publishing RDF Vocabularies I have figured out that it is not possible to have something which works both for RDF clients and HTML client without tweaking the Apache .conf file, something which is not possible right now.

Tweaking the Apache config file is the only possible solution to give access to the RDF content (what they call the machine processable content) with tools like Protégé and to display the corresponding HTML documentation when the request is made from a Browser client.

So I have opted to modify the PURL configuration to take care of the RDF clients in priority.


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>> - 1st request while dereferencing resource URI without specifying the desired content type (HTTP response code should be 303 (redirect)):Failed
>> => AFAIK, purl allows to specify a 303 rather than a 302 when redirecting, so that should be easy to fix
>> - 2nd request while dereferencing resource URI without specifying the desired content type (Content type should be 'application/rdf+xml'):Failed
>> => That can be fixed on the /2005/Incubator/ssn/wiki/images/3/36/ folder with a .htaccess file, containing
>> AddType application/rdf+xml .xml

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