SSN-XG Meeting Minutes (31 August) + Agenda for next meeting (critical parts of XG report)


Thanks to Arthur (our new top of the table scribe!), and to everyone who attended the telephone conference today.

The minutes of the meeting are here:

Our 6 months extension is offically ending this Friday and our work is now fully focused on finalising our deliverables. 

For the next meeting, I would like to call for more participation from the XG members even those who have been less involved in the ontology and/or examples development but who are best placed to contribute to "yet untouched" parts of the final report such as the assessment of what we've done, recommendations for future work, ...  

I have asked Arthur to prepare a list of report snippets to complete to kick start the work on the missing bits(and to submit the list in advance of the meeting). I invite everyone to contribute via the mailing list, the wiki or any other means (e.g direct emails) to any of the subjects listed below, which are the points I'm worrying about :
- linkage between the use cases and the delivered ontology, 
- lessons learned (e.g. which modules of the ontology are sensor-specific, which ones are not, and which sensor-specific and non sensor-specifc modules are coupled (e.g. the control loop model tying sensor and actuators, ...)
- items for future work? is it urgent (or not urgent) to start to plan for the transition of our work to a standard development phase? For example, the last time we had such a discussion, we were talking about using our ontology in an sensor-centric equivalent to GeoSPARQL. Since this telecconf, we have been approached by Augmented Reality colleagues working on the charter of the W3C POI working group which are interested by our outputs ...
- specific actions in the short term: e.g. Kerry's idea to have a follow up SSN XG session in Shangai for whoever will be present at ISWC, or any other proposals for the OGC TC Meeting in Sydney in December or for the W3C TPAC meeting in Lyon in November.


PS: There was a number of actions defined during the meeting and also from my post-meeting chat with Arthur on the report content to handle in priority. I have entered them in the tracker (see the summary below):

Summary of Action Items
[NEW] ACTION: Kerry to propose a XG-follow up meeting at ISWC [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Payam to provide "SSN_Deploy" report snippet [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Andriy to provide "SSN_Sensor" report snippet [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Laurent to recruit volunteers for "SSN_Upper" (Jano?), "SSN_Observation" (Kerry?) report snippets [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Michael to harmonise and put together all the "SSN" report snippets [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Arthur to create a bullet points list of priority content for the final report (linkage between use cases and deliverables, lessons learned for future work) [recorded in]

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