Ontology documentation (Graphics)


Thanks to Payam for sending his attempt to render the ontology using OntoGraf.
It confirmed what I suspected which is that it is not possible to get good graphics without reducing the ontology to the aimed subset.

I have managed to use the segmentation (modularisation) program developed by Julian Seidenberg<mailto:j@deltaflow.com> (CO-ODE project, University of Manchester)
If you want to use SegmentationApp.jar, it is available here: http://www.co-ode.org/galen/
(the trick is to add an xml:base declaration if it's missing and to strip the URI prefixes of the classes to get a file with rdf:about="#Something" names for the RDF resources)

Then I have generated (and tweaked) the figures with COE http://www.ihmc.us/groups/coe/ and put them in the pages where the ontology documentation should be placed eventually.
The pages for the different sections/modules are listed in this table:

If you want a list of all the figures I've made, then the most convenient page to access them is:  http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/ssn/wiki/Special:ListFiles
(It's also useful if you want to know if a file has been updated recently).


PS: the names of the files correspond to the list of classes used to run the segmentation application (I also put some comments when I uploaded the file).

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