Intermediate ontology release to support examples work

Hi everyone,

I have uploaded on the wiki an intermediate version of the SSN ontology to let everyone work on the examples while Michael is working on the alignment with DOLCE Ultra Lite with Krzysztof. 

There is also an automatically generated page on the wiki (some tuning to be done): 

I have not checked it a lot but it looks okay in Protégé.

The base namespace has also changed to but I have not yet "declared it" on the PURL server. 

Michael, I'm using a XSLT script to get mine from yours - it will be possible to regenerate the future versions the same way.  

Please have a look especially on the extra textual comments I have added (see the summary table at the top of each section in )

PS: the "sections" are described here  and are also used for the documentation of the CSIRO ontology: 
(this will facilitate the comparison - I have generated the same documentation but not published it on the wiki for some of the reviewed ontologies - because there is some manual edits required to maintain the "local" hyperlinks). 

Received on Wednesday, 11 August 2010 16:04:45 UTC