some status items: repository status; semantic markup at ESIPFed

I will probably have to send regrets today, with my apologies.  I am  
in an extended job transition and this week has a few potential  
witching hours, so I'm delivering news via email.

Regarding my action item: Holger and John to drive ontology transfer  
to repository.  We have been working on submitting the ontology, but  
the fact it has a different domain space brought into focus a number  
of 'interesting' issues for our repository.  We can talk about these  
as much or as little as people want next week, or I can provide more  
information on the email list. In short, we are only providing a test  
version of the ontology on the site at the moment, with a rewritten  
namespace, and we are pursuing the changes needed to provide our  
features for these 'remote' ontologies.

If you want to get a feel for the operations of the repository, you  
can see and explore the ontology at the repository ontology list [1],  
or in our under-development portal [2], and download it from a direct  
URL [3].  As we submit subsequent versions, the repository will track  
the versions, but not changes to each concept (yet). You'll note that  
the URLs for the concepts in the ontology are local to the  
repository's domain; that's the 'detail' that we have to fix if this  
is going to work

On another front,  I participated yesterday in a telecon of an ESIP  
Federation group  that is working on how to represent keywords in OGC  
standards like WFS.  Since this is almost exactly what this SSN group  
is doing, I pointed them to the SSN Semantic Markup site, and pointed  
that page (resources at the bottom) to the ESIP Federation work.  They  
are going to experiment with different approaches, and will be  
interested to learn how far along this discussion is for our group.


[1] Ontology list:
[2] MMI portal front end:
[3] Download it from URL:
    (More explicitly, 
  for the owl file, and 
  for the HTML listing).

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