additional info for ontology presenters

If you are not presenting an ontology today on the SSN telecon, you  
can ignore this message.  The rest of you, please read.

I have amended the Attributes list slightly, per Laurent's comments.   
(These additions are simple attributes.)

We are now up to 11 reference ontologies.  I want to try to get  
through all of those presentations in as close to one hour as  
possible.  Since this means we will be hard-pressed for time, I  
propose we enforce a 5-minute limit (including questions) on each  
ontology presentation.  We can pursue the most important questions as  
needed after the initial presentations are complete.

I have created a page on the wiki [1] to capture the information about  
each ontology as it is presented.  If you already know the answers to  
these questions for your ontology, it will help if you can write them  
down on this page in advance; we will try to finish the process during  
or just after the meeting. (Suggest you click on the edit link for  
your ontology only, to minimize collisions.)


[1] Wiki page on ontology attributes:

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