RE: SSN-XG Meeting Reminder 22-December-2009


I have updated the list of terms and put my comments:

You'll see that I have flagged a number of cases where the SWE/SensorML usage is not satisfactory, using VIM as an alternative reference to explain/illustrate what should be improved.

I have also added the pointers to the sources of the definitions in the text:

Actuator (SensorML): A type of transducer that is a simple element that converts a signal to some action or real world phenomenon. In SensorML a actuator is a particular type of Process Model.

 *   (SensorML): OGC-0700 (SensorML)<>
 *   (O&M): OGC 07-022r1 (O&M) Part 1<>
 *   (O&M p2): OGC 07-0002r3 (O&M) Part 2<>
 *   (VIM): International vocabulary of metrology - Basic and general concepts and associated terms (VIM)<> (2008)
 *   (SAR1995) Sarle, W.S., Measurement theory: frequently asked questions. Originally published in the Disseminations of the International Statistical Applications Institute, 4th edition, 1995, Wichita: ACG Press, pp. 61-66. Revised 1996, 1997. Available at
 *   (ISO/IEC 11404):1996, Information technology - Programming languages, their environments and system software interfaces - Language-independent datatypes
 *   (ISO TC211): ISO/TC 211 Multi-Lingual Glossary of Terms<> (2009) (use it to check if a definition is accepted by the whole ISO TC2111 community or only used in a sub-community of practice)

I hope this will generate some robust discussions on a sound basis :)


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