Re: PrimeLife Material

W3C is part of the PrimeLife and I took an action during the XG
teleconference last week to send an email about it. 
Since Alex gave the introduction, just one more link to a recent document
about requirements for privacy in SN:
The focus is on access control to resources that users post on a SN site.
There's also work on a policy language, but only at internal draft stage.

On Sun, Sep 13, 2009 at 12:43:33PM +0200, Alex Korth wrote:
> whilst writing about related work for my PhD thesis about a 
> privacy-preserving framework for SNS which is also the reason for my poor 
> show-up rate (sorry!), I re-stumbled upon PrimeLife [1], a EU-funded FP7 
> project aiming to bring sustainable privacy and identity management to 
> future networks and services. They focus on paving the way to a 
> distributed web of interoperable user-centric ID management systems which 
> I wrote about at RWW [3]. PrimeLife's volume is 15M Euros, 10M of those 
> funded by the EU.
> Chances are high that you too have heard of the project that is still 
> running. Nevertheless, I want to point you to the material that I took a 
> closer look at yesterday. The documents section contains reports about, 
> e.g.
> - an overview of web protocols related to trusted content
> - use cases and early requirements for SNS and collaborative workspaces (CW)
> - an overview of standards for interoperability including related open 
> source initiatives aiming at the emerging social web
> - lots of HCI and UI material and insights
> which we can use to complete, double-check ours or to look things up.
> Greets,
> Alex
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]  

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