Over the Air developer event - London, 25-26 Sept

Hi all --

Just executing my co-chairıs right of shameless self-promotion.  Iım
organizing a developer event in London at the end of this month ­ 25th and
26th of September. The event is Over the Air (http://overtheair.org). Itıs a
combination of a 24-hour code-camp (with prizes given out on the 2nd day for
best prototypes developed at the event) and a developer conference with
sessions on various technologies and topics. The event is technology neutral
but is focused on mobile development. We will have scheduled sessions from
the likes of Yahoo, Nokia etc.. as well as unstructured ³unconference² time
for people to write their own sessions in. Itıd be great to see you all
there ­ and if a significant number of people can make it maybe we can
organize a social web session or code-fest during the event.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled program.


Received on Thursday, 3 September 2009 09:11:32 UTC