Re: Online Meeting for the Portability and Distributed Architecture Task Force

Hi Peter,

The proposal was just to start the discusion,  I agree on meeting  
next week after the call.

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El 24/06/2009, a las 13:23, Peter Ferne escribió:

> Joaquín
>> For the people interested in  Portability and Distributed  
>> Architecture Task Force i proposse an online meeting with the  
>> following agenda :
>> Perhaps could be tomorrow 25 of June at 11 GTM ?
>>   *  Identify if the goals and possible roadmap its ok.
>>   *  Identify next tasks and people involved on it.  (scrum like).
>>   *  Set next meeting.
> I am very keen to be invlved in this but I can't do tomorrow or Fri  
> as I will be at the Reboot conference.
> I don't think the current draft on the wiki relates clearly to the  
> wider swxg charter, in particular:
>> We will not create new technology. However, we will report on the  
>> landscapes of existing technologies and examine their  
>> compatibility and inter-relationships. We will also determine how  
>> they fulfill core goals of the W3C such as accessibility and  
>> internationalization, as well as make recommendations for future  
>> standardization work.
> nor does it provide a sufficiently clear sense of purpose, IMHO. I  
> have set myself the action to complete a more coherent draft before  
> next week's telecon. Perhaps we could meet immediately before that?
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