PhD Scholarships in Computer Science at the KRDB Research Centre in Bolzano (Italy)

The Free University of Bozen-Bolzano announces a public competition, by qualifications, for admission to the PhD program of the Faculty of Computer Science, with the first 8 positions fully covered by scholarships (17,000€ per year). In addition, the students will be financially supported to attend conferences and schools, and to spend a period of 6-12 months abroad. The starting date of the PhD program is November 1, 2015 and the program lasts three years. The official language of the program and of the faculty is English.

Instructions for application (called pre-enrollment) can be found at:

(check both the general part of the call and the part for the PhD program in Computer Science).

The deadline for the online application is 

     August 7, 2015.

Research at the Faculty of Computer Science is carried out within three research groups.
The KRDB Research Centre for Knowledge and Data (see offers PhD topics in the broad area of knowledge representation, data management, and process management, with an emphasis on foundational aspects and their practical realisation in technologies and tools for data and process management.
Specific research topics include: 

- Logic-based languages for knowledge representation
- Intelligent access to data
- Information extraction
- Semantic technologies
- Information integration
- Data-aware process modelling, verification, and synthesis
- Business process monitoring, mining, and conformance
- Temporal aspects of data and knowledge
- Extending database technologies
- Visual and verbal paradigms for information exploration

Candidates interested in carrying out a PhD on these topics are strongly advised to get in contact with Prof. Werner Nutt <> before applying.

Bolzano is the city's Italian name while Bozen is its German name: it is the capital of the multilingual province of Alto Adige/Südtirol. Near Italy's northern border with Austria, the city is a gateway to the Dolomites, the majestic white mountain peaks that are part of the Alps and UNESCO World Heritage. Bolzano is an Italian city with Austrian flair. Its two lifestyles, one Northern European and the other more Mediterranean, combine to make the perfect union, which can be clearly seen in the historic and artistic treasures of this city. 
Bolzano is constantly among the top-ranked cities in Italy when it comes to quality of life. It has one of Europe's lowest unemployment rates, excellent services and a wonderful landscape. The landscape of the surrounding mountain sides is characterised by old wine hamlets and villages nestling amid vineyards watched over by 200 castles, stately country houses and ruins. 

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