RDB2RDF Deliverables document comment....


Below are some comments on the Deliverable document...

1.      Tool and Approach review:
AKE> I will give input in a follow up email regarding the survey;  I think the survey focused only on rdbms-data to RDF.  If there is intention on publishing in SIGMOD, then it would be a good idea to cover all aspects of mapping between RDBMS and semantic web; this should include survey to mapping SPARQL to SQL.

2.      Methodology for Transforming Relational Data into RDF:
AKE> I am not clear of what is the conclusion on Jenny Green comment vs. original text.  We need to be clear on distinguishing data from "schema & Ontology"?  We have not talked, if my memory did not fail me, about mapping OWL ontology to SQL queries - comments?

3.      Translating SPARQL to SQL:
AKE> It might be good idea to elaborate more on the alternative approaches in the survey, and may be to have a proof of concept as deliverable in the WG later on.

4.      RDF Representation of RDB Schema:
AKE> Are we talking about automating the local ontology generation, i.e., either rdfs:Class or owl:Class mapping to SQL table and column as property or predicate ... or we mean something more? It might be good idea to have this as a header in the mapping survey document.



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