Ordnance Survey Use Case







We have been occupied the last two weeks with things on the RDF warehousing
side, such as the billion triples challenge.

There are some things on this on the Virtuoso  blog at




Now it is time to again focus on mapping.


The next logical step is for us to have a try at the Ordnance Survey use
case.  We propose to declare the mappings and terminology/unit 

conversions in Virtuoso and link the tables from the existing systems into
Virtuoso through the latter's SQL federation capability.


For us to do this, we would need the relevant table layouts from the actual
systems and some sample data.

We envision doing a practice run of this at our site.  Once we can locally
run some queries, Ordnance Survey can test the mapping with the 

full scale data at their premises.  The test itself is unobtrusive, running
on a single PC and needing only read access to the systems 



So as a first step, we would ask to have some data samples and table
layouts.  If there are tables of correspondences between values used to 

mean the same thing in different systems, we would also need a sample of
these, to the extent these terms occur in the sample data.


If we can have a look at these fairly soone, we could possibly show
something in Kaarlsruhe.  Experiments at full scale would be after this.















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