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I would suggest to rotate meetings between Boston and Bay area where I suspect most of us are.


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Dave, Wolfgang and others:
If there are some folks in Beijing for other reasons and want to meet to
discuss RDB2RDF that's fine.
But for our initial f2f we need at least a 2 day meeting and I'm afraid
that is not going to be possible
at WWW2008.  Also, my guess is that the majority of the XG membership is
not going to be in Beijing,

Dave Orchard wrote:

>I think it would be wonderful to meet at www 2008.  I will be in Beijing for the AC meeting and I'd planned at least a few days
>before and after.
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>>Subject: [RDB2RDF XG] Hello and question about f2f
>>My colleague Michael Hausenblas and I have just joined the RDB2RDF XG.
>>We are working on topics closely related to the mission of the XG.
>>Recently we launched riese (, an
>>RDFized and Interlinked version of the Eurostat data, where
>>we also encountered various issues when mapping relational
>>data into RDF.
>>Are there any plans for a face-to-face meeting already?
>>The upcoming WWW2008 from April 21-25 might be a good chance
>>to get in contact personally?
>>All the best,
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All the best, Ashok

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