Provenance XG Tcon Agenda for June 25


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I wanted to spent the telecon this week discussing the related work  
for the group's state-of-the-art report.  I have assembled all the  
related work cited in the use cases and organized around the three  
flagship scenarios [1].  Let's go over that in the call.

Also we should have some brief progress reports:
- The analyses for the three scenarios are well under way [2][3][4]
- The RDF Next Steps workshop is this weekend, Jun will be presenting  
our paper [5]
- The mappings across provenance vocabularies are getting more  
detailed [6]

Agenda and call details below.





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Welcome, review of agenda (by Yolanda Gil)
Update on RDF Next Steps workshop presentation
Update on mappings across provenance vocabularies
Update on scenario analyses
Planning related work for state-of-the-art report
Planning for next meeting, agenda and note taker (led by Yolanda Gil)

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