Dear Open Web Education Alliance,

My name is Kerim Kalamujic and am a founder/leader of the Mozilla 
Community BiH. Our community exists for three years and we have done 
some wonderful work in that period. Besides our community, there are few 
other FLOSS communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina like Drupal BH, Joomla 
Community BH, Linux Users Group, WordPress BH, Wikipedia BiH, etc.

All these communities are organized as informal groups and count several 
volunteers. After a very successful DebConf 11 held in Banja Luka, 
Bosnia and Herzegovina there was a meeting which was attended by the 
representatives of the communities mentioned above where we agreed to 
kickstart one common FLOSS organization for Bosnia and Herzegovina which 
would be registered as a not-for-profit NGO and would serve as an 
umbrella organization for all/any free and open source software project 
and community in our country.

Besides promoting FLOSS philosophy, supporting and contributing to 
current and future FLOSS projects and communities, we also plan to 
provide free IT education especially in the rural parts of Bosnia and 
Herzegovina in order to make a difference in the society and hopefully 
help young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina have a better future.

Since we are a part of the global FLOSS happy family we have decided to 
contact world's top FLOSS projects and foundations with hope you would 
help us raise funds needed to register and run FLOSS BiH organization.

Looking forward to hearing from you and to building a strong 
relationship between our organizations!

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,

Kerim Kalamujic
FLOSS BiH Project Manager

Received on Monday, 9 January 2012 10:14:03 UTC