Re: OWEA-W3C Next Steps

2010-12-03 09:55, Doug Schepers skrev:

> Does this sound reasonable to you as first steps? Are there other ways
> in which W3C can help with the WebCraft Curriculum effort?

Yes it does, IMO.

> We would also like to hear from you where your priorities lie, and what
> next steps you would like to engage in.

Very specific idea first: I was interviewed by WaSP four years ago about 
my work in Sweden. I think it's time for a follow up...

Speaking for myself only, and having been a bit sidelined these last 
months due to my work load for Skolverket, I think it is important that 
the InterACT curriculum does not loose momentum.

I have personally a number of things on my InterACT to do list, so I'm 
not blaming anyone. Not communicating regularly, I've found that 
OWEA/InterACT has fallen towards the bottom of my "in-basket", and 
that's not how I envisioned it a few months ago.

I have a on big unanswered question:

Will there be any more InterACT books?

How are sales? Will our publisher be interested in continuing the series?

Jeffrey's book for teachers?

A JavaScript book?

If there is interest in more books, I'd like to help.

My long term objectives are:

1. Develop a back end for InterACT online questions

- I will need design help and EE-integration help.

2. Finish the DOM for Designers course

3. Rewrite from scratch my DOM Scripting 2 course. (I am not satisfied 
at all any longer with that one.)

BTW, we need to collectively look at what courses we have on our 
roadmap, and have that map reflect reality.

I am suggesting an course in interactive web graphics: SVG, Canvas and 
WebGL - I probably will develop material for such a course anyway for 
Sweden. Doug and the SVG IL would be of tremendous help!

Short term objectives:

1. Write some articles for my PHP course. Very little up to date 
beginner level articles are available on the net.

2. Get some modules for my courses.

3. Develop/adapt an "HTML5 "template" to be used instead of PowerPoint.

4. Get back in touch with my contacts in Sweden. One has been ill, the 
other has relocated.

*However* - big, HUGE however...

I am not at all clear how much work I shall do for Skolverket next year. 
There are 3 things to consider:

1. I have suggested 5 more courses in addition to the 7 I've written so 
far. They will take some time to write as well.

2. I am going to participate in *some* events for teachers. I don't know 
how many, though.

3. I have been offered by a publisher to write 2 books for my courses. 
They are not as ambitious as the InterACT book is, though. I also need 
some kind of go ahead from my superiors at Skolverket before I start 
writing these.

And to top things off, I've had to deal with a few server breakdowns at 
school. I hope to get a long term solution up and running over X-mas.

Oh, yes, I intend to buy myself a new laptop and tinker with a bit. The 
ATI Radeon card in my current 4 year old one won't do WebGL.

Lars Gunther

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