My plans for Swedish education

Hi all

Next week (5-6 October) I'll be in the next meeting for Gy -11, the 
coming reform in secondary schooling.

If you are not getting enough badly worded spam, here are two blog posts 
of mine about my efforts, through Google Translate:

Planned courses:

Swedish Web Developers I am consulting (awesome list!)

In short:

I intend to sell the concept of three main subjects:

1. (Front End) Web development. I would like to use the words "Front End 
Engineering". However, that would not translate well into Swedish.

2. User Interface Design. Beautiful, usable, accessible UI. This subject 
will teach generic principles, and may be taught as web design, widget 
design, gaming interfaces or even CNC machine interfaces.

3. Web programming - Server Side Scripting

Lars Gunther

Received on Sunday, 27 September 2009 19:21:56 UTC