Accessibility curriculum development - meet at W3C TPAC

Hi OWEA folks,
I'm sending the message below for Suzette Keith <>
Note that she is *interested in meeting up at the W3C TPAC next week*.


I have been working on curriculum development as a partner of the Design for All@eInclusion project, which is an EU funded project with members from 23 countries. Most of the members are national contact centres for the European Design for All eAccessibility network (

We are nearing completion of our project and have produced three publicity leaflets on training in Design for All. These cover three levels; Bachelor and Masters level as well as one at the professional industry level produced by colleagues from Germany.

See, and the download links to Masters and Bachelor level curriculum guidelines and Training in Design for All for Professionals in ICT Industry. We have also created a MSc Digital Inclusion that is validated to run in the UK starting January 2010, see

Our remit is broad and takes on the methods of human computer interaction and the domains of assistive technologies, as well as inclusive ICT design. Accessible web content and accessible interaction are key elements of what we do.

It would be good to harmonise the web accessibility parts of the curriculum guidelines with members of OWEA - we would like to see the efforts of the DFAEI project lead into something more sustainable and have an impact beyond the life of our current funding.

I am attending TPAC in my role as invited expert to EOWG[1] and in particular WAI-AGE[2] - I shall be around Sunday 1st to Thursday 5th.

Please email me to arrange to meet



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