Re: [MMSEM-UC] Review of Tagging Use Case

Dear Michael,

> In my understanding, first it should be checked how relevant a UC is to our XG
> (this is why I suggested to have the relevance-stuff in the very first position).

Right, I agree !

> If a UC is relevant, we can further go into details about how it is written, what is missing,
> consistency, and so forth.

"A priori", all the proposed use cases should be relevant for multimedia. It may happen that the
problems highlighted by the authors does not reflect the multimedia semantics issue, but in this
case, we should tell them how to rephrase the problem statements.

> Now, what is your opinion
>         1) in the general case
>         2) w.r.t. the Tagging UC?

With respect to the Tagging UC, the authors insist a lot on the personomy management problems,
being more a general Semantic Web problem than multimedia specific. In this sense, I agree with
both Stamatia and your comment.
I think that the authors will therefore now focus on the first sub-problem they highlight, namely
the syntactic interoperability problem when one want to share (semantically) his tags with
another platform / user / etc.


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