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I am currently working in one of the lab which was involved in the
SIMAC project (Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary, University of
Outside the SIMAC project, we have been doing some work to integrate music
analysis technologies and semantic web technologies. Some of the
outputs of this work may be useful for the music use-case.

* We developed a music production ontology. Thus, we are
able to express most of the musical features we can extract in this
(segmentation, beat tracking, source separation, instrument
recognition, and so on...). After a while thinking about it, we
completely stopped trying to express things in an  MPEG7 way in
our ontologies. Considering the multimedia material as a `top-level'
entity was causing lots of ontological troubles, was considerably
limiting the overall expressiveness and the added value was almost
nil... I know this is subject to debate, so I won't get into details
The ontology is available here:
You might also want to check the following paper:
Abdallah, Raimond, Sandler - An Ontology-based Approach to Information
Management for Music Analysis Systems, AES120, 2006

* We developed a framework able to easily wrap multimedia analysis
algorithms to directly feed an ontology, or even to use semantic web
knowledge *inside* the algorithm. This is still in active development,
I will present a paper on it at SAMT.

Moreover, there is another european project, co-ordinated by us which
just started:
EASAIER (enabling access to sound archives through integration,
enrichment and retrieval). It will try to apply semantic web
technologies to create a large-scale audio archive.

If you think we can be helpful to you, please either contact me by
email, or at SAMT.

Best regards,
Yves Raimond
PhD student
Centre for Digital Music
Queen Mary, University of London

2006/9/1, RaphaŽl Troncy <Raphael.Troncy@cwi.nl>:
> Hi Giovanni,
> A useful resource I think for the use case you coordinate. The SIMAC
> (acronym for Semantic Interaction with Music Audio Contents) project was
> funded by the EU (Jan 2004 - March 2006), http://www.semanticaudio.org/
> It seems that Xavier SERRA (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) is the right
> person to talk about the results of the SIMAC project.
> He has proposed a contribution "Semantic Interaction with Music Audio
> Content" in the next IST event. You may contact him to better know what
> they have done in this project and the potential overlap with the use
> case.
> Best.
>     RaphaŽl
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