Re: [ALL] MM doc ownership request

Ralph R. Swick wrote:
> At 05:55 PM 6/19/2006 +0200, Jacco van Ossenbruggen wrote:
>> I (as the MM task force
>> coordinator) am completely satisfied with the proposal as is,
>> I just checked with Guus (as the WG Chair) and Raphael (as the XG Chair)
>> and they are happy with it too.
>> So I'd like to assume this decision as been taken, and regard it further
>> as a formality that can be dealt with in the next WG teleconf.
> very good.  I think there will be no disagreement and you may
> proceed as if the decision were made, adding the status to the
> TF documents in SWBPD WG space and including a link to
> XG documents.
Great, the MMSEM XG has now formally accepted ownership of these
documents in their
teleconf last week [1], so we will proceed as you describe above.



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