Re: Tuesday, June 9 Backplane telecon agenda

Jack -- you guys live an entirely too civilized life...wish I were there!
Steven -- why aren't you walking???  Thanks, Charlie

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Sorry folks, but I'm going to miss the teleconf again. This week is
the "avondvierdaagse" <>, 4 evenings of walking
with the kid, so I'll be stuffing down my dinner at teleconf time.

On 8 jun 2009, at 23:44, Charles F Wiecha wrote:

> Reminder: We're meeting still on Tuesdays at 11:00 Eastern, but for
> 30 min.
> The agenda for this will will be:
> 1. Update on ideas for ODF as host language for XForms and
> prototyping in the Backplane demo
> 2. Continued thoughts on goals and outline for XG report
> 3. Any updates from the team on other prototyping etc
> Thanks, Charlie

Jack Jansen, <>,
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