Re: Strawman SMIL implementation

Jack - the graphics seem to work well on safari on my iPhone though I don't
get any audio.

Let's continue our events vs. relevance discussion on Tuesday.  I'd also
like to explore some thoughts on using ubiquity for other vocabularies like
ODF that we could also mashup with forms and smil.

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 From: Jack Jansen <>
 Date: 02/15/2009 06:23 PM
  Subject: Strawman SMIL implementation
I've got the strawman implementation of SMIL in JavaScript available
for testing, if you go to <
 > you'll see two HTML documents with embedded SMIL islands. These
documents are also part of the regular Ambulant distribution (but then
without the HTML wrapper,
and without the various hacks I've had to apply to make things work).

Note that this implementation is very much a strawman: I've hacked
things up just to get a quick prototype to work: only QuickTime is
used for audio/video
rendering, and the scheduler implementation is less-than-minimal (par/
seq/begin/dur only). Only images, external text and limited audio/
video are
supported as media types.

The samples seem to work for everyone who tried them with Safari on a
Mac. They seem to work in IE on Windows, but I don't get audio (even
I have QuickTime installed), but my boss does get audio in IE. Also, I
get nothing in Firefox, but other people do see things working in
Firefox, including audio. Sometimes, especially in Opera, you have to
reload the file before it plays back correctly. One colleague even
heard audio on Linux (where presumably something stepped into the
place of QuickTime, which isn't available on Linux).

In other words: if you want to see these demos you should try a couple
of browsers and platforms, and you may get lucky.
Jack Jansen, <>,
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