First cut at working voice-enabled loan form

As an update to the straw-man voice example posted Monday, here's a first
cut at a version which works in Firefox using extensions for VoiceXML and

I think this is interesting in that it's similar to Jack's SMIL example, in
that it coordinates between voice and GUI using an xforms model as the
"API" between the two components.  The model updates from VoiceXML trigger
the standard view refresh mechanism in XForms along with any constraint
validation etc.  As discussed in this week's telecon, this is new wrt X+V
in that the model provides a canonical data value (vs. lexical display
value) for cross-component sync.  There's also an existing event mechanism
for triggering view updates.

This currently uses the firefox xforms extension (0.8.5) but my goal is to
move to the ajax Ubiquity library for XForms shortly...there are a few
problems there with xhtml (vs html) documents but we should be able to run
this document without needing the Firefox XForms extension shortly.

As a next step, like to get some gui->voice updates going but this is
already pretty interesting as a 2nd example of "model and event based"

(See attached file: MVG.xhtml)

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