Agenda for Backplane telecon Oct 14

As described last week, agenda for tomorrow follows.  Not sure if we'll
have time to get to CDF profiles but we'll see...I'll post the current
draft of the talk to our wiki, and will send a link, later this


Folks -- I'm still updating the Tech Plenary talk from last week's feedback
and Kevin is not available tomorrow for the CDF Profile discussion. So I
suggest the following calendar:

1. Continue pulling together the talk this week:
-- John to forward material for Modularity and WebForms-A discussion
-- Jack to forward any updates to instructions for running the SMIL demos
-- Charlie to update the Voice example to use Ubiquity XForms and drive the
voice prompts from the XForms labels
-- Gregory to provide any inputs for the ARIA discussion/demo that are
ready for presentation
-- Charlie to migrate to slidey for the next review

2. Do a final review of the talk next week, Oct 14

3. Begin the CDF profile discussion next week as well, time allowing. Kevin
has provided the following links as background reading:

Thanks, Charlie

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