Next Backplane telecon Oct 14

Folks -- I'm still updating the Tech Plenary talk from last week's feedback
and Kevin is not available tomorrow for the CDF Profile discussion.  So I
suggest the following calendar:

1. Continue pulling together the talk this week:
      -- John to forward material for Modularity and WebForms-A discussion
      -- Jack to forward any updates to instructions for running the SMIL
      -- Charlie to update the Voice example to use Ubiquity XForms and
drive the voice prompts from the XForms labels
      -- Gregory to provide any inputs for the ARIA discussion/demo that
are ready for presentation
      -- Charlie to migrate to slidey for the next review

2. Do a final review of the talk next week, Oct 14

3. Begin the CDF profile discussion next week as well, time allowing.
Kevin has provided the following links as background reading:

Thanks, Charlie

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