Re: Minutes first meeting 2008-05-16

On  16-May-2008, at 17:08 , Steven Pemberton wrote:

> Hello all.
> We took the initiative to add everyone who is listed as a member of  
> the XG to the XG mailing list. We assumed because that hadn't  
> happened earlier, most of you weren't aware of the meeting today.
> In any case, the minutes of the meeting are available here:

I had scheduled another meeting to end early, specifically to catch  
the teleconf, but then when the meeting was over I had to take apart  
the video equipment and move the recordings over and check my mail and  
go home and have dinner and utterly forgot about the teleconf......  

 From the minutes it wasn't clear whether the next teleconf is going  
to be friday 30 or some unspecified monday. Can someone enlighten me,  
Jack Jansen, <>,
If I can't dance I don't want to be part of your revolution -- Emma  

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