Re: Modularization and incremental adoption

The modularization and abstraction is the bit that has me really  
excited, and that I think could provide a strong showcase. I didn't  
mention this in the teleconf, when Steven suggested redoing Google  
maps with XForms and SVG, but I think this showcase would become a lot  
stronger if we could do "redo <your favorite map> with XForms and  
SVG". And I think we have the basic technology for that.

I haven't been looking too closely at other maping solutions than  
google, but is there anything else that has a public API? I should be  
able to plug it into my my bicycle demo, so that the end users have  
the option of selecting their favorite mapping software. Right now the  
glue (to connect the map to the XForms/SMIL State data model) is 20  
lines of ugly JavaScript and nasty event handlers (depending on both  
the map widget and the XForms implementation used, to get at the data  
model), but eventually this should become a bit of XBL or some such.

Other services that could be modularized are photo sharing (as shown  
in yesterday's demo), but also advertisement services (geographic or  
adword based), review/shopping sites, maybe social networking (if they  
have APIs). I've also been wanting to look at what's available in home  
automation but haven't had the time yet (think of a website that will  
automatically dim your lights and shut the curtains when you're  
viewing an adult movie, and works with 95% of the web-based home  
automation systems:-).

Jack Jansen, <>,
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