Re: Backplane Agenda for Tuesday, June 3

Regrets.  At a conference.


  From:       Charles F Wiecha/Watson/IBM@IBMUS                                                                 
  Date:       06/02/2008 10:02 AM                                                                               
  Subject:    Backplane Agenda for Tuesday, June 3                                                              

Regrets so far: None
Start Time: 11:00am Eastern US
Duration: 60 minutes

Previous minutes:

Rich Web Application Backplane
Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200, conference 7922 ("RWAB")
The Zakim bridge numbers are +1.617.761.6200, + and

In addition, we'll be using the W3C IRC server, channel "#backplane".
on accessing the W3C IRC server can be found at


Selection of today's Scribe


Upcoming weekly telecons confirmed for 11:00 Eastern, Zakim code RWAB
Wiki request submitted, likely to be at
Possible reset of Charter start/end dates:


Status of ubiquity-xforms project at Google code:


Continue discussion of planning for our work, in the following (or other)
Please come with ideas/suggestions for examples you'd like to pursue!

1. Submission: data serialisation, submission, and error-handling.

2. Model: data and state representation.

3. Eventing: generating, catching and dealing with events

4. Intent-based events: separating user actions from particular hardware

5. Access: specifying bindings to input methods

6. Navigation: consistent navigation through compound documents

Priorities and milestones for next few months

Discussion of how to engage the AJAX community in what we're doing
-- which frameworks to show Backplane integration
-- how to socialize outside of W3C

Discussion of which W3C WG's to engage and how
-- original founding members were from Forms, XHTML2, VBWG, SYMM, also
interest from MMI
-- others? subset?


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