Backplane Agenda for Tuesday, August 26

All -- I suggest we use tomorrow's Backplane call to do a deeper dive into
the ARIA related work items required to enable either the Loan form
currently being explored by the Ubiquity project (see
 or the next form we'll likely tackle -- for purchase orders (not yet
posted to the project).

This will be a bit more detailed planning so perhaps should be considered
optional for those not directly involved in prototyping -- i.e. everybody
not including Gregory, me, Rahul, and Thomas...but please do join if you're
available!  Charlie


Regrets so far: None
Start Time: 11:00am Eastern US
Duration: 60 minutes

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We'll also occasionally use the Lotus Webdialogs webcast service which can
be accessed at:, and the meeting ID is 801862


Selection of today's Scribe: Gregory?




1. Continue planning for accessibility/ARIA demo for TPAC.  Look at Loan
form and/or Purchase Order form for specific work items.


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