Re: Handling text direction in XForms

While mentioning it alongside html:autocomplete in 'anyAttribute' is an 
option (which I don;t object to), I am more in favour of adding 'dir' to 
Common, since we already have inherited id, class, and xml:lang from XHTML 


On Friday 15 December 2023 15:42:47 (+01:00), Alain Couthures wrote:

HTML defines the dir attribute for text direction with 3 possible values: 
"ltr" (left-to-right), "rtl" (right-to-left), and "auto" (according to 
first encountered character). Please have a look at
It is, at least, useful for inputs, outputs and labels.
As for any HTML attribute, allowing html:dir might be good enough for 
XForms specifications. Mentioning it explicitly, as already for 
html:autocomplete, could be a good idea because of its pertinence.
For XForms embedded in XHTML, setting dir="auto" by default for all 
possible XForms elements could also be implementation dependent.

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