Initialising embedded XForms

Working on the text for processing of embedded XForms with <control/>

1. It is an aim that an XForm can be embedded, or run free-standing.
2. This means that a <shared/> element (that specifies which sub-instance 
is shared with the parent) is ignored if the XForm is free-standing.
3. If it is embedded we have to specify how the processing model changes.

If it is free-standing, the instance is initialised as normal:

 <instance id="data">
    <data xmlns="">


 <instance id="data" src="data.xml"/>

If it is not free standing, but embedded, then the instance is either 
initialised from the child XForm (the default):

 <share ref="instance('data')/after"/>

or from the parent:

 <share ref="instance('data')/after" initial="external"/>

where we have agreed that this works like a replace="instance" when 

So, what does this means for a src="..." or resource="..." on an instance 
that is shared? 
By the looks of the above, it  has to be initialised internally first, and 
then initialised from the parent.

Does this look OK?


Received on Thursday, 10 August 2023 21:39:17 UTC