Discussion points for <control/>

Requirements for <control/>

Behaves like an inbuilt command
     Uses recognizable interfaces (eg @ref @resource etc)
A form should be able to be used embedded and free-standing.

Can pass data in; Can get data out
 Agreed interface is mirroring between a (sub)-instance in the embedding 
form, and an instance in the embedded form.
 To the embedded form it looks like it is referencing one of its own 
 The embedding form sees the changes (more or less) simultaneously as they 
are made.
 There are clearly requirements to the two instances matching in shape in 
some way: 
              the embedding form has to supply a reference to a 
(sub-)instance that matches the instance in the embedded form.
 Should the data be shared with the default instance of the embedded form 
or does it have to explicitly mark the instance to be used?
 Does the embedding form copy data in, and mirror, or pass a reference? 
Does it matter? Is this just an implementation issue?

Can get events passed in
 Is there any other mechanism needed other than dispatching an event to the 
 Where does the event appear in the embedded form? The default model?

Can get events to bubble out
 Is any other mechanism needed other than to say that events bubble out of 
the embedded form into the embedded form?

<control resource="mycontrol.xhtml" ref="instance('data')">
 <action ev:event="finished">
     <setvalue ref="done">1</setvalue>


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