itemset element

The current spec doesn't properly treat the @copy attribute; so here is  
proposed revised text to properly cover both cases:

9.9.5 The itemset Element

This element allows the generation of item elements from instance values,  
for select and select1 controls.

Common Attributes: Common, UI Common, Sequence Binding, value

Special Attributes:
  Optional expression giving a value to be copied. Takes precedence over  
any copy child element.

Content: (value|copy), (UI Common)*

If there is a copy attribute or copy child present, this itemset is for a  
complex selection:
if the bound target of the containing select or select1 element is not an  
element node, an xforms-binding-error event is dispatched to the selection  

The sequence binding is evaluated to give a sequence: for each item of  
this sequence, an associated <code>item</code> element is generated:
* the label is obtained from the label attribute if present, or otherwise  
the label child element;
* for a simple selection, the value attribute if present, or otherwise the  
value child, is evaluated to give a simple value;
* for a complex selection, the copy attribute if present, or otherwise the  
copy child, is evaluated to give a complex value.

Actions appearing in the content of an itemset are created within each  
item element, and their evaluation context is that of the data item for  
which the item was generated, as described in Evaluation Context.

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