Re: select1

> A select1 on the other hand allows the selection of just one item.
> Initially none may be selected, but once one has been selected, there is
> no mechanism for deselecting it again, and returning to zero. The only
> thing you can do, is create an item with an empty value, even if the
> bound
> value is not required.

> Is this right?

Yes in the sense that this is what web browsers do.

No in the sense that this one-way behavior is often not desirable. The
original idea was probably to force the user to make a selection. But for
that, we have `required`. I don't think that XForms should mandate that
things work exactly like in HTML Forms on this point.

(Another example of what not to copy are selection lists in HTML
(`appearance="compact"`): they are usually a bad user interface, and used
very little in practice for that reason.)


Received on Tuesday, 26 March 2019 21:57:58 UTC