Mutations to readonly nodes

In the section on the readonly MIP there is a general statement about  
mutations to readonly nodes:

"Instance mutations performed by submission, controls, DOM interface  
access, and XForms actions must not insert or copy a new node into a  
parent node that is readonly, delete or replace a node whose parent is  
readonly, nor change the value or content of a readonly node. A node that  
is readonly but whose parent is not readonly can be entirely deleted or  
replaced by a submission even though doing so indirectly results in  
deletion or replacement of readonly descendant nodes."

The new section for the replace element says:
"The Single Item Binding is evaluated to give the target node; if it does  
not select an instance data node, or the instance data node or its parent  
is readonly, the action has no effect."

Setvalue says:
"If the Single Item Binding does not select an instance data node, or the  
instance data node is readonly, this action has no effect."

Insert says:
"If the insert location node is readonly and the target-sequence is empty,  
or if the parent of the insert location node is readonly, the insert  
action has no effect."

Delete says:
"if the node is a readonly node, a root node, the root document element of  
an instance, or an atomic value, it is ignored;
  otherwise, it is deleted."

Two questions:
1. Delete allows you to delete from a readonly parent, but not delete a  
readonly node. Do we agree?
2. Does it matter if the item being replaced by <replace/> is readonly?


Received on Wednesday, 10 July 2019 09:53:42 UTC