message element for logging



How can I write some specific behavior for logging with xform technology ?


For example xforms-link-error is called when model instance loading fails.
But how is possible to add some user custom log message ?   I see there is
action message, but it allow me only show message as
modal/modeless/ephemeral. All of these except modal  are usable just when
form is rendered.  


Could be possible to add some specific value for attribute Level of message
element, for example:


<xf:message level="logger" ev:event="xforms-link-error">ERROR:
xforms-link-error !</xf:message>


Or better specific for type of logging:


<xf:message level="logger-info" ev:event="
xforms-model-construct-done">INFO: xforms-model-construct-done </xf:message>

<xf:message level="logger-wrn" ev:event=" xforms-model-construct-done"
if="..some specified condition.">WARN: some specific problem could

<xf:message level="logger-err" ev:event="xforms-link-error">ERROR:
xforms-link-error !</xf:message>


I would like avoid javascript call within an action.









Received on Monday, 21 January 2019 10:07:11 UTC