Proposal for merging <signal/> into <dispatch/>

Add @to attribute to dispatch: (we can discuss the choice of name)

   to = targetid | parent | control
   Value 'targetid' is default

The attribute has the following effects:
   to="targetid", targetid="..." behaviour is as now.
   to="control", targetid="id of control element", event is dispatched to  
first model of embedded control
   to="parent", (targetid is ignored), event is dispatched to embedding  
control element


   <dispatch name="tick" targetid="clock"/>
   <dispatch name="tick" to="targetid" targetid="clock"/> (has same effect  
as above)
   <dispatch name="reset" to="control" targetid="game"/>
   <dispatch name="finished" to="parent"/>

You might prefer:

   <dispatch name="reset" to="control" control="game"/>


Received on Tuesday, 13 November 2018 14:25:02 UTC