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12.2.1 References to Elements within a repeat Element

12.2.2 References to Elements within a bind Element

14.13 The dispatch Element

14.8 The setindex Element

9.8 The submit Element

ACTION-2186: Incorporate events into embedded forms proposal

ACTION-2187: Suggest text for value change events etc in model.

ACTION-2188: Reformulate embedded examples using signal.

ACTION-2189: Define "bound value"

ACTION-2190: Add relevance attribute to return action

Agenda 2018-06-06

Agenda 2018-06-13

Agenda 2018-06-13 (slight correction)

Agenda 2018-06-20

Embedded XForms

Identifying elements

Markup UK

Minutes 2018-06-06

Minutes 2018-06-13

Minutes 2018-06-20

Moved deprecated sections

State change events

The control Element

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