Cleaning up attributes

As part of action 2208, I'm creating an overview of all attributes, and I  
have a couple of questions to raise before I make any changes to fix them:

1. The bind element has

Common Attributes: Common

Special Attributes:
    Optional model binding expression that selects the items on which to  
    If the attribute is omitted, the default is the in-scope evaluation  
  nodeset [deprecated]
    A synonym for ref. Ignored if attribute ref is present.

While the repeat element has

Common Attributes: Common, Appearance, Sequence Binding

Presumably bind doesn't use "Sequence Binding", so that you don't use

    <bind bind="..." .../>

But I can't really see a reason why @bind should be disallowed on <bind/>

Can't we just use "Sequence Binding" for <bind/>?

2. Similarly with <submission/>

which lists ref and bind, rather than using "Single Node Binding". This is  
surely an oversight.

(There were a couple of errors in the overview tables that I have silently  


Received on Monday, 17 December 2018 16:01:54 UTC