Re: Collapsing sections

Hello Steven,

While working on converting XLSForm format for ODK 
( into standard XForms 
I discovered that collapsing groups sound to be the default behavior for 

I think that it would be nicer (and more declarative) to specify this in 
XForms just as a possible appearance for groups.

Using switch/case or relevance is surely a good "workaround" with XForms 
1.1. Because of the id problem with case, when multiple groups have to 
be treated, different ids have to be provided while the very same 
pattern is to be applied: this is not very "friendly" for authors (or 
for my XLSForm converter...).

BTW, I prefer when the group label is, instead, duplicated in both 
triggers so the collapsing symbol is preceding the label on the very 
same line and clicking on the label has the same effect as clicking on 
the symbol.

What do you think?


Le 22/08/2018 à 13:15, Steven Pemberton a écrit :
> Someone asked me about doing collapsing sections in XForms, so I wrote 
> an article:
> Comments gratefully received.
> Steven

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