Alert MIP Proposal

It seems to me that the Alert text of an Alert on a control really belongs
with the data in most cases. As it currently is, the message and the
condition are far apart.

Therefore a proposal.

The Alert Property

This property associates an alert message with a constraint or type model

Computed Expression: Yes.

Legal Values: Any string expression.

Default Value: none.

Inheritance Rules: does not inherit.


This associates a message expression with a type or constraint property of
a node. If a control is bound to the node, and the node is non-valid as a
result of the type requirements or constraint, then the associated message
is evaluated, and displayed as if a part of an <code>alert</code> element
on the control.


<bind ref="age" type="integer" alert="'Must be a whole number'"/>
<bind ref="age" constraint=". &gt;= 0" alert="'Must be greater than

<bind ref="wish" constraint="count(../wish) &lt; 4" alert="'You can't have
more than 3 wishes'"/>

<bind ref="card" type="card-number" constraint="cardnumber(.)"
          alert="'Not a valid card number'"/>

<bind ref="card" type="card-number" constraint="cardnumber(.)"

<bind ref="pin-code" constraint="matches(., '^\d{4}$')" alert="'must be 4



Received on Wednesday, 21 June 2017 07:51:47 UTC