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For ACTION-2072

From: Erik Bruchez <erik@bruchez.org>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 21:45:32 -0700
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We discussed the `caseref` attribute during last call.

One question is the name of the attribute to add to `<xf:case>`. We thought

-` value`
  - would have to be an XPath expression for compatibility with other uses
- `name` has the following uses:
  - on `<xf:dispatch>`: name of the event
  - on `<xf:property>`: name of the context information to pass
  - on `<xf:var>`: name of the variable
  - on `<xf:header>`: name of the header(s)

The drawback of `value` is that in the most common scenario, the value to
store is a constant. But you would have to quote the value if it is an
XPath expression, as in:

  <xf:case value="'vanilla'">...</xf:case>

If we use `name`, we can make it an AVT, which makes the common scenario
easier while still allowing dynamic expressions.

The drawback of `name` is that there are a few uses but none denotes
something to store into instance data. Usually, we store things we call
"values". In particular, selection items have values.

On the other hand it probably makes as much sense to talk about "the name
of a case" as it does to talk about "the value of a case".

So I am a bit torn. Does anybody have a preference? Is there any other
proposal besides `value` or `name` for this attribute?

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