Re: Repeat with automatic controls


Would agree with your proposal and some other controls/actions that I would
suggest make it onto the "standard list" are move-up, move-down and filter
(potentially sort too but not sure XForms readily supports this).



On 7 September 2016 at 13:00, Steven Pemberton <>

> One of the remaining issues is what to do (if anything) with the issue of
> automatically supplying insert/delete controls in repeat controls.
> Ideally it would be great if without having to write much extra, you got
> some way or another of deleting and inserting items in the bound list,
> without preventing you from adding controls yourself when necessary.
> For backwards compatibility, an unadorned <repeat> should behave the same
> as now (at least there should be no visible extra controls. This doesn't
> need to stop an implementation from allowing, for instance, right-click
> actions).
> For data consistency reasons, there also needs to be a way to say: only
> insert at the start; only delete at the start; only insert at the end; only
> delete at the end; no insertions; no deletions.
> Strawman examples:
>  <repeat actions="insert delete" ref="list/oranges">
>   ...
>  </repeat>
>  <repeat actions="insert-start delete-end" ref="events/dates">
>   ...
>  </repeat>
> The absence of an action would mean that it would not be (automatically)
> possible, though the form author could still add controls as needed.
> Steven

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