Re: Select element

Actually, it struck me last night, why are we so fixated on lists of items  
produced by <select> being space separated?

How about space being the default, but being able to specify a separator:

<select ref="countries" separator="," label="Countries visited">
<item label="France">France</item>
<item label="Netherlands">The Netherlands</item>
<item label="USA">United States of America</item>
<item label="UK">United Kingdom</item>


On Wed, 26 Oct 2016 12:20:58 +0200, Steven Pemberton  
<> wrote:

> One last issue before I send out the agenda.
> "A limitation of the XML Schema list datatypes is that white space  
> characters in the storage values (the value element) are always  
> interpreted as separators between individual data values. Therefore,  
> authors should avoid using white space characters within storage values  
> with list simpleContent."
> It has always displeased me that you can't necessarily just turn a  
> <select1> into a <select>, by deleting the "1".
> <select1 ref="country">
> <item><label>USA</label><value>The United States of  
> America</value></item>
> <item><label>UK</label><value>United Kingdom</value></item>
> <item><label>Netherlands</label><value>The Netherlands</value></item>
> </select1>
> Fine as a select1, not as a select.
> Maybe I should just live with it, but I really would like to have a  
> (simple) method of allowing a select with spaces.
> You can do it with the complication of using <copy>, but somehow, if the  
> bound type is a list, it would be great to just allow it.
> Steven

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